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■ Spinning rod


«The Akada Sentinel 
never fails a setting!»

  Akada Sentinel  

It’s Micael Gonçalves, a devout spinning fan who has been taking to the limits, who says so. «It’s an amazing rod!», he adds. Looking at the pictures, it’s no surprise


«I’ve been testing the new Akada Sentinel 270 and it’s a wonderful rod… I got some catches and it’s just brutal! The Akada can’t get enough. It's just staggering, I never fail a hook setting with it».



The Sentinel is made in high quality, industry standard materials, like the Fuji Alconite line guides and the ultrahigh modulus carbon of its blank, chief responsible for the amazing lightness of the two models available: an impressive 5.4 oz (155 g) for the longest one (10 ft) and 5.1 oz for the shortest (9 ft).


In spite of that, the 15-50 g CW, its tremendous brawn and its longevity turn the Sentinel into a must-have for all serious spinning fans. ■



Structure: Fit-in segments • Sections: 2 • Blank: Ultra high modulus carbon • Lenght: 300 or 270 cm • Weight: 155 ou 145 g • CW: 15-50 g • Line guides: Fuji Alconite (1+8) • Reelseat: Tubular • PVPR: From 216 €. ■

Akada Sentinel
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Innovation landmark


Technology's triumph


20 kg drag power!

  Protek   Hybrid 4   Oceana 4  

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